I am a wife of over 15 years to Jeremy. A Mommy of two amazing boys, Noah Luke and Joshua Jeremy. I am a hairstylist, bible study leader, and devoted friend. All that sounds probably pretty darn blessed and we are, but its not all fun and games around the Prigg house, let me tell you although we do have lots of fun. My oldest son, Noah, has Autism and a very rare chromosome deletion called 22q13 also known as Phelan-McDermid syndrome. This was a game changer folks, FOR REAL. Now I have something to say, and it’s why I have the desire to write.  Noah changed us and taught me so many valuable things that my cup is running over!  Life is a precious gift.  Laughter can take the pain away, sometimes, and when you choose joy no matter how much sleep you haven’t had something changes, and you actually feel the joy and peace we all long for.  So my story has a lot of funny, a lot of sad, and more than anything, encouragement.  I will probably make you feel better about yourself, and hopefully not sorry for me. I hope you read my stories and dance in your own joy, hope, and forgiveness. All of our stories matter…mine is crazy, messy and painfully beautiful. I’ll share mine and invite you to share yours.

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