Why My Christmas Cards Didn’t Go Out Again

You know what, I can’t even with the Christmas cards.  Before you get your judgement on, you have to listen to me.  I can’t help it, this is not an exaggeration (not that much of one anyway).  See, this is what happens and I mean, every year for like the last FOUR years. I have very good intentions. I get a plan to hire a photographer and then I actually do hire one (usually). If I don’t get a photographer, I PLAN on how I’m going to get the perfect picture for the all important,  freaking Christmas card.

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Then the things start to happen.  You know, I’m sure it happens to you too.  Well, if it doesn’t please don’t rub it in. I’m hurting here and I desperately need to lament, OKAY?

The things….my LIFE in general, is not conducive to Christmas cards actually getting mailed out. I just don’t know WHY but here is a guess.

My situation at home is always filled with therapists and caregivers and homework and cooking  and laundry and school stuff and my hair business and well, you get the idea.  This year, my sweet angelic first grader drew all over every single envelope….eerr one of ’em y’all.  I feel like he did it on purpose because he is pissed about the homework.  There are so many other reasons, but you get the gist.

I know most everyone is busy and and trying to do it all but for some reason I get all the way to the actual mailing of the cards before I crap out completely.  My husband is so and I mean SO irritated about this. You see, he is a task oriented kind of a human and he does not understand  my ineptness…Like at all.  I can’t help him with this, because I don’t know the answer either, which is why I keep doing this every year!  I feel like the Israelites going around and around that stupid mountain for so long. Saying “Why Lord….WHHHYYY LORDDD?”

I’m convinced it is a character or personality flaw and I need professional help.  I’m serious, I need a therapist for follow through. A make it actually happen life coach.

So this year, I am seriously stopping this, can’t get the cards out bull crap. I’m mailing them out if it takes until flipping March!  It is important for all my people to see the photo, that is the miracle of the Christmas card, you see.  Because it literally takes a miracle of supernatural proportion to get a decent one. Getting a smile out of Noah is something that I just don’t have enough adjectives to describe. I have to sing a particular song all the while still trying to smile, so basically, I am a ventriloquist.  So, I need for people to see this thang you know what I’m saying?

I hope, with all my heart that I have in some way made everyone in the mommy universe feel better about themselves….You are so welcome.  And if you get a Christmas card from the precious Prigg family just in time for the fourth of July….Don’t hate, CELEBRATE.  Because that means, I DID IT!

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