If You Need a Miracle…

  Do you need a miracle right now?  I ask this because I believe that you do.   Well, I know for sure that I do!

            How many of you know someone that is struggling?  Are you having a hard time yourself right now?   I know right?IMG_0985This time of year is so chock full of merriment and stress.  It is filled to the top with super high expectations and yule tide love.   I love, love, love Christmas time usually.  This year has been a tough one though man.  My oldest son Noah has been having a hard time for a few months now. Let me explain a little bit…when Noah, (who has special needs and is non verbal) has a hard time, we ALL have a hard time.  He has not been happy during the day many, many days and has been up in the night a lot…………So this year, I have SO not done Christmas the way my heart usually desires.

The Elf on the dad gum shelf,  has forgotten to move so many times that my youngest may be scarred for life.  Who ever started that tradition is seriously on my list.  I literally just remembered that we didn’t do a ginger bread house and  Joshua asked me to do one with him like two weeks ago.  No one has matching  Christmas Pj’s and that makes me so happy usually.  And then there is the CHRISTMAS CARD….I can’t  even…..I don’t know what to say, I did the hard work, I hired the photographer and bought the picture and actually got the cards. BUT the real problem for this Momma is the actual mailing out of the cards. WHYYYYYY…does the whole words go off it’s everliving axis, right as I need to sit down and mail these dang cards out????

Yet somehow, here we are y’all.  It is Christmas Eve and we made it.  I want time to slow down soooooo bad. I would be so grateful for another week just look at christmas lights more.

So the other day when I was folding no less than 20 loads of laundry.  I’m only exaggerating by like four loads. I just fell apart.  I let it all out, crying for the miracle I need for my son, for all the people that I love so much who also need a miracle right now.  My heart felt so desperate for Jesus and His help…I cried our to the Holy Spirit….What do I do??? I know that you God,  keep your promises and I believe you want to rescue us, and help Noah feel better. But it’s so hard to wait… to be patient, to keep rejoicing and thanking you when things seems to only get worse.

Then HE whispered……..and man, I am floored.  PLEASE let me tell you what he whispered to me.  He said ” When you need your miracle the most, stop and pray for you friends. Go look around and be the miracle someone else needs.”  I was like….whaaaaaaaa?  I love/hate this.  See, like most toddlers, I want my miracle now.  I don’t want to go through the process with God even though I know I will develop more faith and perseverance  and all that good stuff.  What I want is comfort…A good, cushy life, you know basically EDEN…… But THEN, I stop and think back on how far I have come in life and Motherhood, and in my marriage, and in my own personal journey with Jesus. WOW, that in itself is a real miracle.  He has never left me, never ever.  He has sent people at just the right time to be there and help me. He has always, always saved me.  Maybe not in the way I told him to, or the time frame I asked. But HE is God and I am not.  He is smarter than me.

It all starts to click for me.  He has very often, before rescuing me, asked me to be there for someone else.  Serving someone in a way that may cost something and not always money.  Like Loving on someone that is lonely even though you are busy.  Giving someone and encouraging word to help them keep going, or to remind them they matter and are LOVED.  I realized that praying for someone else that needs a miracle just as much as you or literally being someone’s miracle because you have what they need….Is amazing!  Speaking an encouraging word over someone who is desperate in some way, allows the Holy Spirit then to move on their behalf through you with Amazing Grace.

So in my mind, its like a double wammy! you both get Blessed!

So That is exactly what happened…I was able to Bless a friend and her sweet daughter who needed love.  Then I turn around and my friend offered to take Joshua overnight and to give me love and encouragement. Im telling you, it was everything!

This is what I’m trying to say to you girl,  I KNOW. I know you need some kind of miracle……because we all do.  So here is the challenge.  If you need one, then stop right now and pray for  God to show you how you can help someone else. Then, look around sweet sister….They will pop right out of the wood work girl.  What ever you do or say or pray…trust that the Lord will finish what you start in and for them.

See, when we are serving and loving others…we often can forget how big and devastating our need is.  We stop obsessing over our burdens, and our troubles.  But more than that….We can see more clearly than ever, how much we are Blessed. 

I pray today on this Holy Day that you will lay down your need for a miracle and go BE one! I pray that your heart be filled to overflowing with HIS love and that you receive that miracle you so desperately need. In Jesus name!

Merry Christmas

( this was last years Ginger bread house)   Don’t worry, I am getting one to decorate tonight, lest I ruin his precious childhood….oh the DRAMA.