Just Keep Blogging, Blogging, Blogging!


Okay, so here I am, totally back! Doing more blogging! It’s not as easy, (not that I ever thought that it would be), but whoa…I have all these stories floating around in my head…all this stuff that I have learned over all these years but I can’t seem to organize it. So today, and hopefully every time I write, I am going to let the Holy Spirit lead me.

I just got back from a weekend away from my family…This makes me feel so many feelings. number one is grateful…Like “whoo hoo” grateful. I can’t help it and it’s totally okay…I was able to sleep in and snack and laugh and walk and sit…oh thank you baby Jesus! It was amazing to be able to do whatever we wanted. No one was calling me Mommy or Honey or anything! Life is so serious so much of the time…I love it when I can slow down and look at how ridiculously funny so much of it really is.

I mean, we ate at this crappy little seafood restaurant (it actually was very good, but the atmosphere y’all…just no) and the three of us were acting and I think really feeling like we were at a five star something…I mean I must have said “thank you sooooo much” fifty thousand times, if I said it once! we were rolling our eyes as we took bites..and making weird sounds…I’m embarrassed now just remembering..but I sure wasn’t at the time, It was like we had all three just been let out of prison…and in some ways, we had…

Prison is a harsh word for it but can’t life feel just like that sometimes? I mean, you make these life changing decisions and it seems really, really like a great idea..then you realize that hey, you know that really big party that you planned for a year for you and that guy? yeah, that’s a wedding and a marriage…and it’s supposed to last like unil you die…and then you are like…OOOHHH yeah….
Or, you wait all those months and then you get the baby…and you are like…what the? WHO thought this was a good idea?
But even as happy as I was just being, Rhonda and totally care free and loving being in my skin…and not changing diapers..or wiping butts, or cooking blah, blah
I really missed those fools…I am not the same without them. Im not that other Rhonda anymore( the one before marriage and mommy hood)..I’m this Rhonda and I love it. That’s another reason its good to take a breather…a day or two break…So you can remember that you love your life….and that Gratitude, and Joy and Love…are in you again!

It helps that I can actually leave my kids with the hubbs. He does an amazing job, yeah I realized that after I finally stopped thinking I had to show him everything and leave him notes and call a bunch. Oh man, I can really do that thing…but He (and actually most husbands) can totally handle it.. the house, the schedule, the kids, the dog, the chores…He can do it! Maybe not the same as me…(sometimes better,that really irritates) but whatever. I actually came home to a clean house, happy kids..and I think he might have taught Josh how to ride his bike without training wheels..Really?! All I can think is…well, Jesus is REAL..and my husband MUST be falling in love with me all over again, because…seriously?? Im just gonna stop right there, no over thinking it…Just saying a prayer of thankfulness.

See thats the thing, no matter what, we all have silver linings, and blessings..but sometimes the hard and the sad and the duty of it all make for these really foggy glasses that are hard to see out of. But when you stop and take a moment, a walk, a lunch, a talk, a weekend retreat. Those are the very things that wipe those glasses clean. So I encourage you to take any kind of break that you can, don’t feel bad…If you need it, and we ALL need it, from time to time. If someone asks to help you say “yes”, and then, “thank you”…If there is someone you can reach out to, to ask for help, just do it. If there is someone that you can offer to help, do that too!
REST equals JOY…at least I think so.

Okay so…I don’t know how I am possibly going to get across this story the way I want to but..here it goes…

On the way home from the beach, my girlfriends and I decide to stop into Pirate Pete’s Antiques, I mean, we should have just known from the name for goodness sakes…well…lets just say, and hour and a half later we are walking out of there, about to pee our pants because we are getting old and we can’t hold our pee anymore (and pirate Pete didn’t have a bathroom). We are already kinda weary again because we had to listen to the sweetest old man ever tell us one thousand and forty three stories ( which were funny, I have to say) we absolutely and I mean for real, could not get out of that tiny..TINY..little store! He would not, could not let us leave…he played and old piano, tried to teach us how to play the banjo…told some really weird jokes. Are you picking up what Im throwing down? It was unbelievable! we should have filmed it…I mean, if for no other reason than my own entertainment right now. Well, the worst parts were that after all the courtesy laughing (from them, not me..I really did think he was super funny) and trying to negotiate pricing for the arm loads of junk we were trying to buy…Noell loses her keys! OH my LAWD…in this junk house..she is getting the menopause, so poor thing can’t remember to scratch her watch or wind her butt. she is sweated down (because she is having a hot flash) I am giggling like Betty Rubble…so much so that I can barely look for the keys..Then it hits me! I AM GONNA PEE MY PANTS…and I get dead serious, find her keys and pay for my junk( but the way I got no deal, I think I actually might have tipped him).

Long story longer, we made it out of there and no one had a potty accident. Especially, because Jessica actually slipped out during one of the performances and peed beside the building…tsk,tsp,girl! (why didn’t I think of that)

I have to sit back and think…. I am so happy I was able to meet Pirate Pete..Hear about his five wives etc…I love people..I love visiting…I love antique shops, the weirder the better.
And there, my friends is even one more reason to be grateful!

So how are you gonna wipe those foggy glasses clean?

2 thoughts on “Just Keep Blogging, Blogging, Blogging!

  1. Great timing with an awesome reminder! Rest = joy! Loved the laughs as your personality jumps out of this blog …thank you for being you!


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